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Jul 28, 2019

I talk with Andrew Bush (one of the co-hosts of the pop-culture SuperHouse Podcast) about his time in Japan, his observations about Japanese religion, and how the Japanese view such American hot-button topics as separation of church and state, abortion and LGBT rights. (Minor correction: I misspoke during our conversation, saying we were recording episode 282 when in fact it's 281.)

Listen to Part 2 of our conversation over at the SuperHouse Podcast, where we talk about being brought up religious in the American South, conversion experiences, deconversion experiences and more.

Andrew has been on American Freethought once before, waaay back in 2010 in episode 87.

Watch video segments recorded in 2010 with me (John C. Snider) and David Driscoll for Andrew's unrealized documentary effort "Southern Reason."

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