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Ryan Cragun makes his fourth appearance on the podcast, discussing his new book How to Defeat Religion in 10 Easy Steps: A Toolkit for Secular Activists. His broadranging suggestions include taxing religious institutions (and thereby unshackling them from IRS regulations on their speech), defending nonpartisan science and history education, and even co-opting religious traditions (including offering secular alternatives to traditional religious holiday songs). This compact book is an excellent resource for newby freethinkers, suggesting specific actions that can be taken by individuals, local groups, and national organizations.

How to Defeat Religion is available in paperback and for Kindle. For more about Ryan Cragun visit

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We interview Dr. Alice Dreger, author of Galileo’s Middle Finger: Heretics, Activists, and the Search for Justice in Science, in which she discusses recent controversies involving bioethics researchers and activists—herself included. Dr. Dreger is the professor of Clinical Medical Humanities and Bioethics at the Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University in Chicago. She found herself at the center of another controversy recently when she live-tweeted her son's abstinence-heavy public school sex-ed class.

Galileo's Middle Finger is available in hardcover, for Kindle and as an audiobook. For more about Alice Dreger visit


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We interview science fiction and fantasy writer James Morrow about his latest novel Galapagos Regained. This historical fantasy follows Chloe Bathurst, an actress and former zookeeper for Charles Darwin, who treks across the 19th century land- and sea-scape to gather evidence to disprove the existence of God and win a £10,000 prize! Speaking of prizes, Jim has won numerous awards, including the Hugo and the World Fantasy Award. His previous novels include Towing JehovahBlameless in AbaddonThe Eternal FootmanThe Last Witchfinder and The Philosopher's Apprentice. For more about Jim visit JamesMorrow.infoGalapagos Regained is available in hardcover, for Kindle and as an audiobook.

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Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson is at it again. This time he entertained a Vero Beach, Florida prayer breakfast by gleefully describing the hypothetical rape, torture and murder of an atheist family. Classy.


Give credit where credit's due: Afghanistan's new president Ashraf Ghani speaks out on behalf of moderation and tolerance in the Islamic world.

Neil Degrasse Tyson has a new weekly talk show debuting on April 20th.

If you have an opportunity, check out CNN Special Report: Atheists: Inside the World of Non-Believers. It's neither a perfect nor a complete depiction of the freethinking community, but it's certainly an improvement over CNN's traditional coverage. Also, HBO's Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief is well worth your time.

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Prosperity con-man Creflo Dollar is asking his followers for $60 million so he can buy a new luxury jet. Apparently souls can't be saved using business class.


Thomas Dunn, a member of the Leesburg, Virginia town council, apparently downplays the role that the United States government had in freeing African-Americans from slavery. According to Dunn, it was the "hand of God" that freed the slaves. What Dunn can't explain is why God chose to free them immediately after the Civil War (with at least 650,000 dead) and the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

A Washington, DC pastor (who also happens to be a member of the DC police force) has been charged with sexually abusing a teenaged girl who attended his church.

Finally, complications continue to arise over marriage equality in Alabama. While the state supreme court continues in its defiance, a federal judge  has reiterated her previous ruling overturning the state's ban on same-sex marriage.

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Atheist author and activist Avijit Roy was hacked to death by religious hardliners in his native Bangladesh. His wife was gravely injured and lost a finger, but is expected to recover. It's small consolation, but his death has lead to widespread outrage in Bangladesh.


Three young Muslims (and, by all accounts, model citizens) were gunned down by their neighbor in Chapel Hill, NC, ostensibly over a parking dispute. Did the fact that the neighbor was a self-described atheist who railed against religion on Facebook make this a hate crime?

Baseball Bat of Doubt: A father new to atheism struggles with his family's involvement in Boy Scouts.

Finally, we mourn the passing of Leonard Nimoy. He did indeed live long and prosper.

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President Obama disappoints (again) with his attendance at the "National" Prayer Breakfast, but... his observations on Christianity's checkered past and comments urging tolerance and humility have conservatives in a snit. Yay.


Now that a federal court has cleared the way for gay marriage in Alabama, some counties are complying while others aren't. Some counties are refusing to issue ANY marriage certificates until this whole thing is cleared up. Meanwhile the state's Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy "10 Commandments" Moore has called for a Constitutional convention and declares that the US Supreme Court has no authority to rule on the matter.  Looks like he might lose his job. Again.

Resolutions have been introduced in both houses of Congress honoring Darwin Day. They have zero chance of making it out of committee, but this is farther than it's gotten in years past.

Creationist kook Ken Ham is upset over Carnival Cruises' Superbowl ad featuring a JFK voiceover in which the late president muses over our relationship to the sea.

Finally, we overstated the effect of the Constitution's "full faith and credit" clause as it applies to recognition of out-of-state marriages

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The Supreme Court will finally hear arguments on two issues: whether states have the right to ban gay marriage, and whether states must recognize out-of-state gay marriages under the full faith and credit clause of the Constitution. We'll know by the end of June which way this goes.

In the meantime, count on conservative politicians at the state and local level to try to make life difficult for gay couples (and secular folk, for that matter) to get married. Several counties in Florida are already refusing to conduct courthouse ceremonies, lest they be forced to marry gays. And Republican lawmakers in Oklahoma have introduced bills to abolish courthouse ceremonies altogether, fire clerks who issue marriage certificates to gays, impeach judges who rule in favor of gay marriage, and even make it against the law to challenge these things in court!


Christians on the warpath! Mike Huckabee (who half-jokingly favors mandatory America-is-a-Christian-Nation education at gunpoint) also thinks the United States is currently a "secular theocracy." (Huh?) A recent poll shows support for TORTURE is highest among evangelical Christians. Pat Robertson advocates corporate punishment for kids who disrespect their Christian grandparents. And a New Jersey preacher is in hot water after claiming to have "crumpled" a kid who wasn't taking God seriously. Whatever happened to turning the other cheek?

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We look at last week's attack on the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, which left 17 dead (not including the perpetrators). How much is Islam to blame for these and related occurrences? We also look at the overwhelming worldwide reaction AGAINST such violence, despite Charlie Hebdo's long history of incendiary humor. Some of the reaction has been equivocal, unfortunately, including the Catholic League's Bill Donohue (the Eye of Sauron himself!) calling the cartoonists little more than pornographers and tutting about "the necessity of restraint on the part of artists." Who decides what constitutes restraint? Does Donohue imagine that ANY open criticism of the Prophet will satisfy the extremists?


Seventh Day Adventist pastor Ryan Bell just spent the last year living as an atheist, and now he has declared he IS an atheist. Was this a legitimate year of introspection, or just a way to buffer a decision he already made at the beginning of 2014?

David is disappointed that the AARP website (which is supposed to help ensure senior citizens don't get scammed) is promoting such woo as horoscopes and "holistic" remedies.

David recommends the Great Courses series "History of the Ancient World: A Global Perspective" presented by Gregory Aldrete. Also, here's a video clip by Professor Aldrete explaining how even St. Valentine's Day is a Christian hijacking of a pagan holiday.

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Blowhard Bill O'Reilly has declared victory in the War on Christmas. But who's been fighting this war? Christians cry foul whenever Jews or atheists or Pastafarians or (gasp!) Satanists want equal time at the county courthouse, but they forget that the sole reason these groups want attention is to prevent the Christians from monopolizing the public sphere. If only all parties could agree that government property is neutral territory (i.e. no religious displays of any kind), this whole problem would go away. But since it won't...

Satanists will have a holiday display in Detroit, but there won't be a Nativity because no Christian group is willing to commit to the daily grind of installing/uninstalling a display for three days. You snooze, you lose.

And in Florida, a Satanist group has been denied permission to install an "offensive" display in the state capitol.

Finally, although it's late notice, Symmetry Magazine has posted instructions on how to make cool science-themed "snowflakes" featuring Nobel Prize winning scientists Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, and Edwin Schrodinger.

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