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Dec 11, 2018

Encore release December 11, 2018.

Encore release September 3, 2017.

So-called Religious Freedom Restorations Acts are meeting with mixed success at the state level. RFRAs are ostensibly about protecting religious freedom, but they're really just pandering to religious conservatives who want to discriminate against the hated gays (just like Jesus would have).

In Georgia, under pressure from civil liberties organizations and business interests who warn the state could lose its lucrative movie-making industry, Governor Nathan Deal (a conservative Republican!) just wielded his veto power on a discriminatory bill, citing the lack of need for such a law and appealing to love and tolerance.

Meanwhile, North Carolina just passed a law prohibiting local governments from protecting LGBT rights (this in response to a Charlotte city ordinance allowing transgendered people to use restrooms that correspond with their self-identity). Supporters are crowing about "common sense," but others are already calling for boycotts of the state, and North Carolina's Attorney General (a Democrat running for governor) has already declared the law unconstitutional and says he won't defend it in court.

Look for a Supreme Court showdown in the next couple of years.


A "Prophet of God" brandishing what turned out to be a pellet gun is shot and wounded by police near the US Capitol.

An anti-vaccination documentary directed and co-written by disgraced medical researcher Andrew Wakefield has been dropped from the TriBeCa Film Festival. Some cry censorship; others say the film will simply rehash old (bad) arguments and will rekindle a conversation not worth having. If you want to more more about vaccinations, listener Ted from New Jersey recommends this, and this, ...and this.

Finally, the latest in the recent batch of "Christian" films hits theaters April 1st: God's Not Dead 2: He's Surely Alive feeds the myth that Christianity is under attack in America's schools by evil ACLU atheists bent on proving God doesn't exist. Please.