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Oct 17, 2018

Encore release October 17, 2018.

Encore release July 10, 2017.

Recent Supreme Court rulings on Ten Commandments displays on government property have opened the door to all kinds of groups (including Satanists, Hindus, and even American Atheists) wanting to clutter the landscape with their own monuments.

Oy! Now there's a War on Hanukkah. A Florida minister is in hot water over posting "CHRISTMAS - EASIER TO SPELL THAN HANUKKAH" on his church's outdoor sign. Is this just harmless humor, or something more sinister?

Meanwhile, a security guard in Tennessee has pled guilty in federal court to spitting on a Torah and writing anti-Semitic and Satanic messages on materials belonging to a Jewish group staying at his hotel. Some say it's a simple property crime, but he's being charged for civil rights violations.

Finally, Arkansas Senator Mark "You Don't Have to Pass an IQ Test to Be in the Senate" Pryor is facing a challenge in next year's re-election campaign. In order to head his opponent (Tom Cotton, a Harvard educated Tea Party Republican with military service) off at the pass, Democrat Pryor has put out a TV ad proving how much he loves him some Jesus. Cotton, despite having zero political experience, is already ahead in the polls.