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Welcome to American Freethought, an atheist podcast hosted by John C. Snider. If you'd like to support the podcast, you can send funds via PayPal to

Sep 26, 2018

Original release February 5, 2013.

Encore release September 26, 2018.

Encore release June 19, 2017.

We interview Seth Andrews, host of The Thinking Atheist podcast and author of the new memoir Deconverted: A Journey from Religion to Reason (available in paperback or for Kindle).

Plus: Boy Scouts of America might go gay, and a Catholic hospital wins a lawsuit by arguing that a fetus is not a person.


John Snider will join Derek Colanduno of the Skepticality podcast and Blake Smith of the Monster Talk podcast for a special three-in-one "live" podcast discussion for the Atlanta Skeptics.  This is also the fundraiser for the upcoming Atlanta Skepticamp, so your participation is triply welcome. Mark your calendars for March 16th.