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Aug 31, 2018

Original release February 12, 2012.

Encore release August 31, 2018.

Encore release May 24, 2017.

Controversy at the National Prayer Breakfast! Congressman Phil Gingrey (R-GA) walked out during President Obama's sermon. Gingrey is shocked--shocked!--to find that there's politicking going on at the NATIONAL PRAYER BREAKFAST.

"Rabbi" Ralph Messer has crowned Atlanta's New Birth Missionary Church "Bishop" Eddie Long as king. To see the 15-minute ceremony, go here and skip forward to the 53:30 point. Needless to say, this has pissed off actual Jews.


Read "Atheism in America" by Julian Baggini.

If you live in Virginia, call your state representative and urge him/her to vote no on House Bill 189, which would allow religious organizations to discriminate against would-be adoptive parents on the basis of religion.

If you live in Georgia, call your state representative and urge him/her to vote no on House Resolution 425, which proposes to amend the state constitution to allow direct and indirect state funding of religious charities.

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January 21, 2012. Hosted by John C. Snider and David Driscoll.