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Apr 21, 2019

Supreme Court Justice Clarence "Chatterbox" Thomas raised eyebrows during an apperance at Pepperdine University, claiming that the judicial oath was an oath between man and God, going further to imply that atheists don't take oaths seriously and that religious justices are better at the job anyway.

Muslim terrorists killed nearly 300 people in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, targeting churches and luxury hotels. Details are unfolding.

The cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris suffered a devastating fire. The French government promises to rebuild; meanwhile, atheists are divided on whether the money might be better spent elsewhere.

A federal court has ruled that the chaplain of the US House of Representatives can legally refuse to allow "secular prayers," saying that both the House and the Senate can set their own rules, and therefore can restrict invocations only to those with religious content. Discrimination against the non-religious exists.

Pennsylvania legislator Stephanie Borowicz was apparently freaked out at the impending swearing in of Movita Johnson-Harrell as the state's first female Muslim lawmaker, delivering an invocation that was peppered with references to Jesus and praise for Donald Trump's support for Israel. Colleagues on both sides of the aisle have expressed disapproval at Borowicz's overtly partisan and prosyletizing prayer. Yet another example of why having prayers before legislative sessions is a bad idea, period.

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