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Sep 5, 2021

I interview Harvard Professor Jennifer Hochschild about her new book Genomic Politics: How the Revolution in Genomic Science Is Shaping American Society.

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America is finally out of Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the chaotic end to US withdrawal will be an ongoing political controversy; and, of course, we'll have to watch helplessly as Afghanistan sinks into a new theocratic hinterland.

The Supreme Court has allowed Texas' new ultra-restrictive abortion law to go into effect, more or less ending abortion in that state and launching a new, more dangerous phase in the fight over women's reproductive freedoms.

The coronavirus pandemic is at the height of yet another surge, one that has left the vaccinated portion of the population largely untouched. Of course, this new surge is made possible by the orneriness of Republican denialists and the misplaced trust of conservative Christians in the protection of the Almighty.

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