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Oct 4, 2020

I interview theologian Dr. Craig A. Evans, co-author of Can We Trust the Bible on the Historical Jesus?, which is based on a debate Dr. Evans had some years ago with Dr. Bart Ehrman.

(My apologies on the sound quality of the interview itself. We experienced technical difficulties.)

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Buy a copy of Can We Trust the Bible on the Historical Jesus? here.

Listen to my previous conversations with Dr. Bart Erhman in episodes 51 (Jesus, Interrupted), 200 (How Jesus Became God), 244 (Jesus Before the Gospels) and 299 (Heaven and Hell).


President Donald Trump is in the hospital with covid-19, a fitting conclusion to months of neglect, lies and denial.

It's looking inevitable that Judge Amy Coney Barrett will be confirmed on the Supreme Court (if not before the election, certainly before the inauguration) to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg. The Democrats don't have the votes to stop her confirmation, and very little in the way of parliamentary maneuvers that might slow down the process. Legitimate questions still remain about how Judge Barrett's religious beliefs might influence her judicial rulings--but fundamentalists certainly expect it to have an influence; otherwise, why are they so excited about her?

Finally, potentially good news for Dave Warnock (interviewed in episode 293 back in January 2020), who is suffering from ALS and originally thought he might have as little as two years to live. His doctors are exploring additional diagnoses and the (admittedly slim) possibility that effective treatments may be available to him. We wish him luck.

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