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Sep 6, 2020

Mubarak Bala, president of the Nigerian Humanist Association, was arrested in April 2020, allegedly for a Facebook post that blasphemed against Islam. Since his arrest, no one--not even his lawyer--has seen or heard from Bala. His whereabouts are uncertain, and no one knows if he is alive or dead. I talk with Leo Igwe, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Nigerian Humanist Association, about Bala's plight, and what secularists around the world can do to help.

For more about Mubarak Bala's situation click here.

To listen to our previous conversation with Leo from 2013, click here.


Trump continues to drive the crazy train over a cliff. Now he's spinning elaborate stories--without a shred of evidence--about black-uniformed thugs packing a plane bound for DC, intending to disrupt the Republican National Convention. He also indulged in a whiny rant about how cans of soup are the weapon of choice for anarchists and Antifa disruptors. That he has ANY followers remaining is dismaying, but it's a sure bet that this election will be won or lost on the margins and not by a landslide. In other words, Trump is a symptom and not the disease.

Jerry Falwell, Jr. is out (permanently, it seems) at Liberty University, over reports that not only did his wife have a long-term affair with a former pool-boy named Giancarlo Granda, but that Falwell liked to sit in the corner and watch.

Former American Atheists president David Silverman continues his downward spiral, it seems. He recently appeared on the David C. Smalley podcast and claimed to be so disaffected from left-wing politics that he's considering voting for Trump. He also asserts that institutional racism is no longer a "thing" in America, that felons who have run-ins with the police have it coming, and that crime and poverty in the African-American community are mostly the result of internal culture and not centuries of oppression. To hear my interview with Silverman from December 2019, click here.

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