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Jun 30, 2019

The Supreme Court has ruled that a 40-foot-tall Christian cross in Bladensburg, Maryland is actually a suitable war memorial for all war dead, even if they weren't Christian. I speak with Monica Miller, who argued the case before the Court on behalf of the American Humanist Association. We also talk about Monica's work with the Nonhuman Rights Project, an organization that seeks "to secure fundamental rights for nonhuman animals through litigation, legislation, and education."

Monica and I also discuss the Court's refusal to hear a case brought by long-time activist Michael Newdow, challenging the phrase "In God We Trust" on all currency. (David Driscoll and I talked about Mr. Newdow back in show #84 in 2010, and I actually interviewed him waaay back in the pre-podcast days of 2002. Have a listen!)

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