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Welcome to the American Freethought podcast! American Freethought was produced from 2007 to 2016 and ran 265 episodes. We're currently featuring encore releases of all episodes, one a day, starting on January 1, 2017. If you like what you hear, please share with your friends. For more content (blog posts and not just podcast episodes) visit Thanks!

Sep 3, 2018

Encore release September 3, 2018.

Encore release May 27, 2017.


We interview Dr. Darrel Ray, author of Sex and God: How Religion Distorts Sexuality (paperback or Kindle). Dr. Ray is also the author of The God Virus and founder of the group Recovering from Religion. For more visit,, or

Sep 2, 2018

Encore release September 2, 2018.

Encore release May 26, 2017.


Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum says the concept of separation of church and state makes him want to "throw up." Fellow Catholic JFK would have disagreed.

And speaking of wanting to throw up, conservative radio blowhard Rush Limbaugh...

Sep 1, 2018

Encore release September 1, 2018.

Encore release May 25, 2017.


We interview Deborah Scroggins, author of the Wanted Women: Faith, Lies and the War on Terror: The Lives of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Aafia Siddiqui. This dueling biography contrasts the lives of the world’s most hated female apostate and the world’s (at one...

Aug 31, 2018

Encore release August 31, 2018.

Encore release May 24, 2017.


Controversy at the National Prayer Breakfast! Congressman Phil Gingrey (R-GA) walked out during President Obama's sermon. Gingrey is shocked--shocked!--to find that there's politicking going on at the NATIONAL PRAYER BREAKFAST.

"Rabbi" Ralph Messer has...

Aug 30, 2018

Encore release August 30, 2018.

Encore release May 23, 2017.


We interview Cullen Murphy, editor-at-large for Vanity Fair and author of God's Jury: The Inquisition and the Making of the Modern World. For more on Cullen visit

John also recommends Wanted Women: The Lives of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Aafia...