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Welcome to the American Freethought podcast! American Freethought was produced from 2007 to 2016 and ran 265 episodes. We're currently featuring encore releases of all episodes, one a day, starting on January 1, 2017. If you like what you hear, please share with your friends. For more content (blog posts and not just podcast episodes) visit Thanks!

May 30, 2013

A pair of homegrown terrorists murder a British soldier in broad daylight in Woolwich, UK. They say they're motivated by the teachings of Islam, and some refuse to condemn the act.  But other Muslims say it has nothing to do with Islam. They can't both be right.

Arizona state legislator Juan Mendez delivers a secular...

May 18, 2013

There's trouble in Lumpkin County, with a capital T that rhymes with P and that stands for Prayer! At least fifty students and four teachers at Lumpkin County High School (north of Atlanta) ditched class for SIX HOURS to participate in an impromptu prayer rally that started when one student questioning his faith...

May 2, 2013

We interview Susan Gerbic, coordinator of Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia, an international team of writers and editors whose goal is to ensure that skeptical topics on Wikipedia are fair, accurate, and have the level of detail they deserve. Those interested in participating should befriend Susan on Facebook.